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Boost your online presence and increase sales with our agency, MM Marketing! Specialized in Instagram management, content creation, traffic management, and high-impact website design, our team offers comprehensive solutions for entrepreneurs. Rely on our experts to accelerate your results today!

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Wondering how your business can gain visibility and boost its selling power? Discover what each tool below can achieve and request an analysis from one of our specialists.

If you’re looking to accelerate your business growth, you need to attract more people and have a well-established strategy to convert them into customers.

MM Marketing is ready to assist you.

Creative creation

Creation of content for Facebook ads campaigns

Meta ads

Reach potential customers, promote your posts, gain

Website creation

we create high conversion websites.

Google ads

Targeted online ads to boost visibility and sales.

Social Media

Strategies to build an online presence and engage your audience.

Graphic Design

Professional designs to visually convey your message.

Video Editing

Creative editing to bring your video ideas to life.


Capturing memorable moments and images.


Crafting engaging videos to tell your story.

Websites made by us

Instagrams managed by us

About Us

Matheus - CFO

I spearhead the drive for financial efficiency and transparency. Collaborating closely with our team, I fuel the growth and triumph of our enterprise. Fueled by a fervor for financial excellence, I am dedicated to propelling MM Marketing to surpass its business aspirations, thriving in the dynamic landscape of digital marketing.

Alexandre - CSO

As the CSO and Co-Founder, I'm thrilled to share our journey of building a digital marketing powerhouse from the ground up. Our goal is to provide help businesses increase their online presence, attract more customers, and ultimately drive sales or achieve other desired outcomes through various digital channels such as social media, search engines, email, and websites.

Mathias - CEO

As the Founder, Mathias leads the agency, focusing on acquiring clients, managing teams, setting strategy, ensuring quality, and staying ahead of industry trends.